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Shut up already!

I had a good weekend, which ended with my birthday yesterday. I decided I just wanted to hang out at home with T and the kids. He grilled me steak for dinner, which I wanted really bad because we hadn’t done that in a while. And my BFF made me the most F’N AWESOME Twilight Saga cake. I know, I know, I’m not 13 anymore but I don’t give a shit….I love the Twilight Saga!

Anyway, so after my pleasant weekend, today sucked ass. My boss is pissy because he’s under a lot of stress, work issues that you wouldn’t really understand unless you worked in the same kind of company I do. And anyone who has a boss knows when they’re pissy they let the crap roll downhill to you. So there’s that. With that said, this wasn’t what made my day crappy or my freakin neck so tense it feels like it’s gonna snap in two.

Here’s the issue: sometimes I don’t care about your problems. I just don’t. It’s not to be mean….it’s just that when you’ve told me said problem 50 times in 1 day and don’t want to listen to my feedback, I cease to care. Can’t you just be happy with what you’ve got?! This person I speak of is privileged, there’s no getting around that. Everything is catered to them. EVERYTHING. It’s really annoying, especially when I have to find my own way…. And this person is good at manipulating and gaining sympathy. The most difficult part is that although we’ve had issues in the past and I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them, against my better judgement I still like them. DAMN IT! I just wish that this person could look past them self every fucking once in a while. I really don’t think it’s that much to ask. Am I wrong? Idk, but I don’t think so. It’s not hard to tell when I don’t give a shit, I’ve been told my whole life that I don’t hide my feelings well at all. So I just wish the next time I give this person the blank “I don’t give a fuck” look, they would just politely go away. Not for forever, just until I have a grip on not wanting to punch their teeth thru the back of their skull!!


I hoping for a better, non-violent thought filled day tomorrow.

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